Friday, 24 October 2014

The Best Night's Sleep In A Modern Country Bedroom!

You can see from my previous posts on Zoella's flat, that it's the bits and pieces you choose to add that makes a house your home. And where better to begin that process, of cosifying your space, than your very own bedroom? A place of sanctuary from the busy world outside...or, indeed, from noisy chatter downstairs!

This weekend, with the clocks going back, I wanted to focus on creating a quiet, restful haven in our Modern Country bedroom. I absolutely adore our room but I find that bedrooms need regular tweaking to keep them fresh and sparkly.

Since these treasures have been in place I've been sleeping like a princess...and feeling like one too! 

Let me share my sleep-inducing finds with you! (I've included links so that you can check out the very same products yourself, if you'd like.)

First of all, I absolutely recommend replacing your pillows if they're a little on the tired side. My new one is John Lewis Siberian Goose Feather and Down.

Even the cotton casing is beautiful! But a beautiful pillow needs a beautiful pillow case and this one is a winner. 

It's made of pure silk, and, let me tell you, those rumours are true that if you sleep with a silk pillowcase then your bedhead days are hugely reduced. 

I want our bedroom to feel like a sleepy feast for the senses, and the next two items go a long way in that department. This candle by Neon smells incredible. 'Complete Bliss' by name, complete bliss by nature!

It's official description is 'Moroccan Blush Rose, Lime and Black Pepper...a fresh modern twist on rose'. And, seeing as rose is one of the first 'Country' scents I think of, this is surely the most Modern Country candle of them all!

Next, this Beauty Sleep Concentrate by Neal's Yards Remedy has become a much looked-forward to part of my sleeptime ritual. 

To me, it smells of lavender and patchouli and wood smoke and incense, and lures me to the land of dreams time and time again, whilst working its magic on my skin at the same time. Multi-tasking indeed!

My new cotton eye mask keeps out every last chink of light. It has a waffle pattern on the front, and the texture is mesmerising against the subtle lustre of the silk. My top tip is to avoid any hint of synthetic materials against your face. Sweaty is not a good look!

And last but not least, my new Newgate alarm clock! Have you ever seen a sweeter timepiece? It's like a little Alice In Wonderland clock. Has it drunk the Drink Me potion, I wonder!

It's called the Newgate Mini Bell (only 8cm high!) and is a complete bargain at £7.50.

So, this weekend, with a whole extra hour to indulge in refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating shut-eye, what are your favourite steps for the perfect night's sleep?

Good night from one Modern Country Bedroom to another!

All image: Modern Country Style

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Comparre Zoella's flat with the flat next door!

Guess what? I've found another identical apartment to Zoe Sugg's (YouTube's Zoella) old flat address in Brighton. It's been done up very differently, which just goes to show that you can have the best bones in the world but it's what you do with them that counts.

Let's compare Zoella's old apartment with this one, located next door in King's Gardens, Hove.....

From the outside, there's very little difference..

Kings Gardens Kings Gardens, Hove, BN3
Zoella's old flat on Brighton seafront

Zoella's old apartment flat in King's Gardens on Brighton seafront
The house next door, which was on the market for £635, 000

Here are the two living rooms. Don't forget that this is a mirror image of Zoella's apartment so the fireplace is on the other side.

Zoella's old living room
Zoella's living room in her old flat

Lounge Kings Gardens, Hove, BN3
The living room next door

The two balcony areas are very different. In Zoe Sugg's flat, the eaves areas have been closed up and cornicing has been added. Also, placing the desk to one side gives unfettered views of the balcony, and sea beyond, which is one of the main selling points of Zoella's apartment.

Zoella's office
Zoella's Office space

Dining Area Kings Gardens, Hove, BN3
In the flat next door, the balcony space is used for dining

In Zoella's old address, the living area is very large and open plan. In the flat next door, the dining area is changed to an impressive master bedroom. It is true that the bedrooms in Zoe Sugg's apartment are on the small side but I think that the enormous wow-factor of the living area makes up for that.

Zoella's old dining room
In Zoella's old flat, this is the dining room...

...but in the flat next door, this same area is the Master bedroom.

Here are the two floor plans so you can compare for yourself.

Zoella's old apartment's floorplan
The floor plan of Zoella's apartment flat

The floor plan of the flat with the next door adress to Zoella

I hope you've enjoyed these in depth home tours of Zoella's old flat. Which do you prefer? Zoe Sugg's apartment or the home next door? Both have a prestigious seafront address but a very different inside.

Images via Hamptons (Zoe Sugg's apartment) and Mouseprice (the flat next door)

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Zoella's Brighton Flat: Home Tour: Get The Look!

After sharing Zoella's (that's YouTube's Zoe Suggs) Brighton flat home tour, I thought I'd show you some images of the apartment, to show what lured me in. It looks very different with all Zoella's lovely bits and pieces in it, doesn't it? I'll share where to buy lots of the items...

Zoella's Office

The yellow desk lamp is from John Lewis.

Zoella's Living Room

Zoella's gorgeous squishy-squahsy sofa is from Raft. The giant floor lamp is from Edited. The rug is from Heal's. It's the Scion Mr Fox in yellow.

Beautiful metallic fireplace. I love the large glass and brass candle holders placed on the arth.

Some of Zoella's cushions came with the sofa, others are from Niki Jones, Nikki McWilliams, and CushionsOnline.

Zoella's Dining Area

You can buy those gorgeous Eames replica chairs from Lakeland Furniture.

Zoella's Bedroom

The throw, yellow and grey, and panda cushions and are from Edited. The bed is from Made.

The multi-coloured dresser and jewellery drawers are from Oliver Bonas.

Zoella's dressing table is a vintage 1970s G Plan piece.

The Big Spoon, Little Spoon pillowcases - just right for Alfie and Zoe - are from Not On The High Street. 

You can see from this rather more intimate home tour of Zoella's apartment / flat address that her home interiors are not quite my usual style but, nevertheless, don't you agree that they're 

All images: Zoella

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Zoella's Old Apartment In Brighton: Home Tour

How could I resist the opportunity to share the full details of Zoella's home in her old flat address in Brighton?

YouTube sensation Zoe Suggs, aka Zoella, has been living in the most fantastic penthouse apartment in Brighton. Located smack-bang on Hove seafront, its very traditional exterior hides the delicious blend of period and contemporary. 

Zoella's old apartment flat in King's Gardens on Brighton seafront
Zoella's old apartment flat in King's Gardens on Brighton seafront

Zoella has since moved on so her home address at the flat on Kings' Gardens, Hove (part of Brighton) has been on the market, for rent at £2350 per month, which means we can have a full home tour!. The architect has made the very most of all the period details and somehow made them feel an intrinsic part of Zoe Sugg's old flat's interior.

Zoella's old apartment flat in King's Gardens on Brighton seafront
Zoella's hall and elevator doors in King's Gardens

If you've seen any of Zoella's YouTube videos then you'll have seen that you enter the penthouse flat through its very own lift! This opens up into the main hall, which leads to the open plan living space.

Zoella's old living room
Zoella's old living room

I love the way the cornicing has been used to carve out little nooks. And, as an aside, another very similar property in Brighton has been available next door, for £625, 000, though it's not been utterly razzamatazzed like Zoella's old flat!

Zoella's old living room
Zoella's old living room

Oak flooring has been laid throughout and vintage-style radiators added.

Zoella's old living room
Zoella's old living room with access to the balcony

Let's move this tour of Zoella's flat over to the office area with access to the balcony, looking out onto views of the Brighton beach.

Zoella's office
Zoella's old living room

This open plan living area consists of living, dining an kitchen zones.

Zoella's old dining room
Zoella's old dining area - love the window seat!

Zoella's old kitchen space
Zoella's old kitchen space

In the shot below, you get a little peek of one of the two enormous skylight that floods the area with daylight. Without it, this large space would feel much darker.

Zoella's old kitchen space
Zoella's old kitchen space

Zoella's furniture has obviously been removed from her old flat but the feel is still the same.

Zoella's old kitchen
Zoella's old breakfast bar

The kitchen's ceiling, where Zoella honed her baking skills in her old flat, has a lower ceiling, making it seem cosy and intimate. It's white glossy units and granite worktops keep the look elegant and airy....

Zoella's old kitchen space
Zoella's old kitchen space

...while the breakfast bar and easy chatting access to the rest of the room is one reason why Zoe Sugg's flat saw so many parties!

Zoella's old bedroom with en suite
Zoella's old bedroom with en suite

Let's turn this tour of Zoella's apartment through to the master bedroom, which has an en-suite shower room....

Zoella's old bedroom with en suite
Zoella's old en suite do you remember Zoella's walk-in wardrobe? It's tucked in that door on the right of the bed...

Zoella's old bedroom with en suite
Zoella's old bedroom an fitted wardrobe

The main bathroom has been renovated in a very similar style to the en-suite. Don't you love the sash windows?!

Zoella's old bathroom
Zoella's old bathroom

Here's a floor plan if you need to get your head around the space. 

Zoella's old apartment's floorplan
Zoella's old apartment's floorplan

Zoella gave us lots of sneak peeks around her old home address in Brighton but never a full tour of the apartment. I hope this home tour of Zoella's flat satisfies your curiosity, as well as mine!.

Images via Hamptons

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