Friday, 21 November 2014

The Best Mascara In The World???

Yesterday, after this Modern Country Fashion For Autumn / Fall post, I promised I'd let you in on my new Modern Country beauty secret with you.....and, never one to rescind my word, here it is! 

{Keep on reading to discover the best mascara I've ever tried!}

American readers may have heard about Younique make-up, as it launched there a couple of years ago, but Younique are brand spanking new to the UK market, having launched this month.

I have several of their products to share with you today to give you a bit of a heads-up (in order of preference):

First, let's talk about the Younique Moonstruck Minerals Pigment Powders. These are marketed as 'luxurious eye shadows formulated with finely crushed minerals, amino acids and vitamins that provide key nutrition for the skin'.

The reality? Really great products!
 Younique have beautiful packaging throughout their ranges, Look at these babies in their own individual pots:

I picked out four luscious shades:
Infatuated is a rich matte chocolate brown
Vulnerable is a matte rose shade,
Sexy is a shimmery pale gold
Daring is a deep, stunning, shimmering gold.

These four soft and gentle Modern Country colours blend and harmonise so well with each other...but there are 32 to choose from, all with similarly giggle-inducing names!

The powders are free from oils, talc, preservatives and are incredibly pigmented. A tinsy little bit goes a very long way. Rather ingeniously, you can use the Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders to make your own tinted moisturisers, coloured nail varnishes....even hair highlights! All by adding a few shakes of these pretty powders.

Once you remove the lids, the pots come with little holes so you can shake out what you need, and pop back what you don't use. These are loose powders so, until they're packed onto your eyelids,  they do have a reasonable amount of fallout. I found it worth placing a piece of tissue paper under my eyes when applying to catch any stray specks. However, once on, these powders last and last. I could still see them on my eyelids after a full day's wear.

And here's a good tip: you can mix a little water, or this pretty Younique Refreshed Pure and Natural Rosewater spray (which smells heavenly, and is also good for a quick spritz on bare skin during the day) with any of the pigments to make your very own coloured eye liner. 

All you need to do is shake out a very little bit onto the lid, and mix  in the tiniest drop of water with a brush.

Speaking of brushes, I was very impressed with the quality of these Younique animal-hair brushes (and that they are completely cruelty free).

I chose three brushes: the deluxe, which is one of the softest brushes I've ever used; the Crease, which is made using Goat's hair to make it slightly stiffer; and the double ended Liner/Shader, which is the brush I like to use with the powders when they're wet. All the brushes are made of non-rusting materials so you can use them wet or dry without worry.

 I have saved the very best until last. This next product is like nothing I've ever seen before in the UK. These are so, sooooo good!

Oh. My. Goodness. You are in for a makeup treat!!

I have a slight aversion to the thought of wearing falsies - all that glue near my eyes - but these are basically fuss-free falsies!!

Perfectly packaged (of course!!)...

the kit contains two products:

The transplanting gel, which looks like any normal mascara...

And the fibres, which are made from 100% natural fibres from green tea!...

Younique suggest a 4-step process for optimal results.
1) Apply a thick coat of your own favourite mascara and let it dry.
2) Apply Moodstruck Transplanting gel over the top.
3) While the gel is still wet, immediately apply the Moodstruck Natural Fibres.
4) Reapply the Transplanting Gel to secure the fibres.

Here are my before and After shots....

Before: As you can see, I have pale blonde lashes. I had no makeup at all in the photos below, apart from the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, so you can see the full extent of the magic, without any other special effects!

After: miracle of miracles, here are those same eyelashes, looking full and voluminous and long and lovely! Just look back and forth between the two photos and try and tell me you're not impressed!! It's as though they've grown on their own...

Not only do they look great initially but they last and last and last, with literally no smudging at all. In fact, I've even gone to sleep without removing my makeup (tut tut!) and there was still no smudging!

Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed with this product.

Do you have experience of Younique products?
You can shop for these products and more (I fancy trying the Younique Stiff Upper Lip lip stains) by clicking on the links!

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Modern Country Style Fashion For Autumn / Fall

Now that the weather has well and truly turned (can anyone believe that only three weeks ago we had a couple of days of vest and shorts weather in the UK?), it's time (Hurrah!) to crack open the snuggly section of your wardrobe for Modern Country Style Fashion For Autumn / Fall. If there's a better compensation for these grey skies (not counting hot chocolate by the fire, obvs), then will someone please tell me?

Love this!

in l o v e with her hair


Street Style

Key pieces this season:
Leather biker jacket
Snuggly scarves
Faux Fur
Knee high boots
Thick leggings

Micheal Kors poncho

Skinny jeans, knee-high brown boots, blazer and white top layered with white vest... love!



One of the (mann, many, many) reasons that Modern Country Style Fashion is such an easy look to wear is that there is no constantly changing list of on-trend must-haves, meaning that investment pieces really can be an investment for years to come.

Fun fall look.




This is timeless.
This is Modern Country Fashion for autumn / fall.

{What are your favourite pieces for the season?}

Tomorrow, I'm super-excited to share my new Modern Country Style Beauty discovery with you...

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The RHS Companion Guide To Scented Plants By Stephen Lacey: Book Review

After this post on how adding home-grown eucalyptus is a cheap and effective way to give pizazz to any bunch of flowers, it got me thinking once again about scented plants in the garden. I am absolutely crazy about scented flowers. If you are too then The RHS Companion to Scented Plants, the only major reference work on scent and scented flowers that is endorsed by the RHS, authored by Stephen Lacey is one book you won't want to miss.

RHS Companion to Scented Plants lr

The Companion To Scented Plants (published by Frances Lincoln), not only contains an extensive list of plants (more on that below), but also gives over the first three chapters (Scent And The Gardener, The Nature Of Scent, and Planning Your Garden) to fantastic ideas about garden designs that are beautiful AND highly scented....a Modern Country Garden paradise!!

The rest of the book acts as a catalogue of scented plants and flowers. However, and let me very clear, this is not a dry, dull reference book. Instead, Stephen Lacey's text will have the olfactory  equivalent to making your mouth water (making your nose run??!!)...


This book reveals aroma as the intensely personal but often-missing ingredient of beautiful gardens. If you spent the long summer evenings in your garden enjoying al fresco suppers.....but didn't spend time with your head buried in deliciously fragrant flowers then, please, buy The RHS Companion to Scented Plants and set yourself that delightfully achievable and utterly pleasurable goal for next year!

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Making A House Your Home by Clare Nolan: Book Review

Making a House Your Home: The Essential Guide To Modern Day Homemaking by Clare Nolan was published way back in 2011 but, rather out-of-character for me, a voracious devourer of design books, I've only recently discovered it. I absolutely adore it, and thought you would too... Here's a book review just for time for Christmas!!

Clare Nolan is the Lifestyle Editor for You magazine (which comes with the Mail on Sunday). She clearly has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience at her fingertips and is extremely open in sharing that with us, including a fantastic section on working with what you already have.

Though it was released back in 2011 by Kyle Books, it hasn't dated in the very least. Rather, three years on, it has fast become one of my go-to books, showing just how timeless Clare's ideas are.

Here's a list of the contents, which are all very self-explanatory:

Making a House Your Home takes you through every step of how to turn your ideas into a reality...

This shot, along with many others in the book, is from Clare Nolan's own home. It's a fairly modest house, which I love. This is not only a book to gaze at longingly; there are so many ideas to put into practise in your own home....such as how to get yourself a pantry on a budget..

You'll be left thoroughly inspired to give your own home a real shake-up....rather than, as with some interiors books, wondering why you can't be a Lady of the Manor.. *stamps foot*!!

Full of gorgeous images, and text so good you'll want to be Clare's best friend by the time you've finished, 

Making a House Your Home is one of my all-time favourites. 
Get it. Click on the link! 
You won't be disappointed.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Farrow and Ball Front Doors ...And Finding Your Perfect New Home!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of discovering that the house you had half an eye on for aaaaages has just sold for a price that you could actually have afforded? Grrr. Take a look at some of these lovely houses...and their Farrow and Ball front doors!

Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Green Smoke

Or have you wondered how many people might be interested in buying your home, without wanting the hassle of putting your house on the market?

Clapham, London - Farrow and Ball Vart de Terre
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Verte De Terre

Take a look at this fantastic new site I've discovered: WhenYouSell.  It's such a simple concept but is a completely ground-breaking idea for both buyers and sellers.

Pale Powder  front door (Farrow and ball)  - - -- - love:
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Pale Powder

Here's how to find your dream home the easy way:

If you're looking to buy, you can use WhenYouSell to plan ahead by registering early interest in properties you love before they're even on the market. You can do this by simply drawing your preferred search areas on their map.

Farrow and ball pelt - front door
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Pelt

Think of the potential! You could mark off a whole neighbourhood, a school catchment area, walking distance to the town centre, or even that one dream property....

Farrow and Ball Railings front door. Modern Country Style: The Best Grey Paint Click through for details.
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Railings

Buyers create a simple profile to enable them to be more specific about the type of home they're looking for (Would you like period details? a large garden? a long driveway?)

Front door painted in Farrow and Ball's Green Smoke
Front door painted in Farrrow and Ball Green Smoke

I love it! Finally....
A site that allows you to let people know that you love their house, before it's even on the market. 

Love the French Gray against the white
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray

Then comes the real magic!

Every property owner can use WhenYouSell to discreetly follow interest from potential buyers by locating their home on a map, and entering a few basic details. This is kept invisible to other users. WhenYouSell sends email updates to keep sellers informed on any interest in their property.

Audrey Utley - UK  Colour: White Tie, Card Room Green  Finish: Exterior masonry, Exterior Eggshell  8.10% of votes
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Castle Gray

Up until this point, the service is totally free for everyone. 

If a property owner decides to sell, they can pay a £10 fee and send a simple property profile to directly to the buyers they select. Interested parties can then contact the owner directly through the site's messaging platform. Property social networking at its best!

pictures of gray houses with colored doors | ... grey color by Sherwin Williams. The front door is by Farrow and Ball
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball Blue Gray

There are no hidden costs whatsoever, meaning that it is possible to sell your home for a tenner, saving you thousands of pounds in estate agents fees!

West Egg Blog modern country living with pug!
Front door painted in Farrow and Ball French Gray

So whether you're trying to find your dream home - Farrow and Ball front door included! - or whether you'd like to dip your toe in the property market, take a look at WhenYouSell and see for yourself!

See for more details...

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