Paint Colours

Welcome to what I hope will be an incredibly useful resource for anyone looking for Modern Country paint colours.

It's true! No longer do you need to agonise over tiny little paint chips, or take a second mortgage just to fund your sample pot fetish. 
{Yes, my friend, we've all been there.}

All the donkey work has been done for you. These are colours I've used and loved. Click on each image to be taken to an in-depth colour study for that particular shade, taking you through not just inspiring ideas for using that hue but also practical tips, with illustrated examples, sharing how each paint colour changes under different light conditions. 

Farrow and Ball White Tie

farrow and ball blue gray kitche in sunshine
Farrow and Ball Blue Gray

Farrow and Ball Light Blue

Farrow and Ball Down Pipe

Farrow and Ball's Pigeon

Farrow and Ball Powder Blue

Farrow and Ball Hay

More coming soon!!

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Seamus Corry said...

Gorgeous colours and I want to move into your house, looks fab. Thx for sharing. Haldis

Bizzy Mum said...

Could you recommend a good very light grey please? xx

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

A good, very light grey...hmmmm. SO many questions spring into my head! Are you looking for more of an off-white or a definite grey? Do you like cool or warm greys? Which colopurs does it need to tone with?

Email me...!


Juliet Callender said...

Hi Sarah

What colour is your dining room? It's beautiful!


John said...

Love your colours Sarah, have just painted my daughters bedroom F a B Middleton pink..... Perfect,
Help need a colour for my dark north facing Hall,
has light oak doors and oak floor. Was thinking a light grey.....but welcome any other ideas. It's a cream colour at the moment..... It s just so dreary...

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Think a light grey would look beautiful with the oak...have you thought of Purbeck Stone, F and B's new soft grey....see what you think.


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