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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tig's White Canvas: Paint With Me

The Inspiration Photo

Well, hello there, sweetness.
You're looking stunning, as always. 

And, yes, I did see you give your hair a
flirty little flick after reading that.

Today, in a slight break from my strictly-planned blog rota
(can you hear the irony alarm bell clanging?),
please may I tell you about Cath and her blog

If you have any interest at all in painting and drawing, even if you're an absolute beginner, then this really and truly is the blog for you. Cath is not only AWESOME at painting but is also amaaaaazing at teaching too.

I am rather embarrassed to be showing you my own painting but I told Cath I would so here it is...


My Finished Version

In a completely relaxed way, and over a whole series of posts, she takes you through the entire process of how to paint a particular picture, allowing you complete freedom to add what you like and leave out what you don't.

There's no hurry: you can take your time.

Cath taught us how to add acrylic on top of the watercolours...

Mr Modern Country and I sit down most Sunday evenings and have a bit of a painting sesh, reading through Cath's posts and then having a go ourselves. I LOVE our special Sunday evenings together.

See, this blog is even good for relationships!!

It's like having your very own one-to-one session. Oh, wait. It *is* having your very own one-to-one session.

....and then how to use coloured pencils on top of the acrylic.

Tig's White Canvas: Paint With Me currently only has 16 followers and I can't for the life of me understand why.
It's seriously one of the best blogs I know.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

This is Cath's awesome finished picture: yeah, hers gets a frame...

Next Stop, Belgian Style

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Modern Country Style loves: Emerald Cove

Thank you so very much for all the lovely de-lurking comments that you wrote yesterday. It was hugely encouraging!

I thought I'd do a little spotlight on my top commenter today (see my Modern Style Top Commenter gadget on the sidebar....are you listed  there yet?).

The number one spot goes to........................Michelle from Emerald Cove. I've been a Follower of Michelle's blog for a couple of months and it's lovely!

Three things I LOVE about her blog:

It's chatty. Michelle has got the kind of writing style that makes reading it a mixture of curling up with a good book and chatting with your best friend.

Her ideas are orignal. Check this out.....

Yes, Michelle made that with her bare hands!

Her photos make me laugh. This photo is from the same post:

What a power-tool babe!

Errr....I should add that when I went over to see Emerald Cove to get these photos, I saw that Michelle has givenme an AWARD! Thank you!!

But now it looks like I did this post  because of that award. *awkward silence*.

I really, honestly didn't know when I started this. But that's the kind of lovely award-giving sweet-commenting girl she is!

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Modern Country Style blog love: Room Seventeen

I've just stumbled on a new blog - well, new to me anyway - and it's perfection! You know how it is when you see blog link after blog link and then one of them REALLY leaps out at you. That was this one for me. It's called Room Seventeen.

It's a Dutch blog but thanks to the wonders of Mr Google, it can be translated reasonably well in a twinkling of an eye. Magic, isn't it. I could just stare at these photos all day, couldn't you? The colours (or lack of!!), the texture, the way the rooms are styled. Ooooooh!

I love the branches in the rough urn and the dark, brooding walls, contrasting with the cosy armchair, complete with cushion. Who wouldn't want to sit there and pass the afternoon away reading by the light of the lamp?

Room Seventeen has a mixture of inspirational posts and privileged peeks into the author's life and home. My favourite kind of blog. There's not too little inspirational material that it feels like a diary and not too little 'real life' posts that it feels impersonal.

The content is generally plain, elegant and simple. All in a good way. In fact, 'plain and simple' probably undersells the care and attention to detail in these photos. Beautifully put together, they encompass all that's lovely about Modern Country Style.

Chrome lamps with wicker shades. How original is that? Complete clash of old and new. And pulled off so stylishly.

Thank you so much for stopping by at Modern Country Style. Please have a good snoop around and don't forget to let me know what you think!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments recently. Can you hear my heart skip?!

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Modern Country blog love...

Today, I'm sending some Modern Country Style blog love to Vosges Paris.

Have you seen Vosges Paris blog? It's the phwoar of the blog world. Gorgeous, inspiring pictures. Her style is more industrial than mine but I love being stretched in all directions, and that is what this blog does. Vosges Paris (cool from the name down...) takes industrial and make it to-die-for.

Aren't these photos lush? They are all taken by Desiree, the owner of Vosges Paris, and are of her house.

Before you know it, you are thinking in terms of zinc and rubber and white. See, you are, I know it!

She has been blogging for much longer than me, 2 and a half years. It's so interesting to read interior blogs that are as old as this because you can watch a person's style develop and refine.

In the words of Desiree, the blog is 'all about decorating my home, photography, interior design, memories, my love for beaches, the seaside, warm countries, city life, all things French and Italian, the color grey, Nordic white, concrete, rusty items, industrial furniture and a touch of nature. '

I want this sign: sooooo cool!.

Have a look and let me know if you agree...

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Modern Country Style Blog Love

Today, I want to show some blog love to Helen at This is the first blog that turned me from thinking blogs were just a waste of space to total and forever true love!! One look at this and I was sucked into the blogging vortex...

Here are a few photos from the BusyBee Studio blog to whet your appetite :

The first is of Helen's kitchen in her home (loving the Aga nook!)...

These next ones are of her holiday let (available to rent!)......

And here is a photo of a photoshoot in action. Jealous? Moi?!!

Helen runs a business up North called the Busybee Studio,which is also available online. It sells yummy vintage wares and handmade crafts.

Have a look! It carries the Modern Country Style seal of approval!

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